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Portrait of Addae Jahdai-Brown

Addae Jahdai-Brown
Assistant Director, Graduate and Family Housing

Portrait of Adrian Perdue

Adrian Perdue
Resident Director - De Neve EF

Portrait of Ali Shaikh

Ali Shaikh
Project Coordinator

No portait of Allyson Pimentel available

Allyson Pimentel
Campus & Student Resilience - SAO 4

Portrait of Amanda Finzi-Smith

Amanda Finzi-Smith
Resident Coordinator - Sproul Hall

Portrait of Andy Liang

Andy Liang
FYE Intern

Portrait of Andy Zepp

Andy Zepp
Audio Visual System Specialist

Portrait of Angelica Gutierrez

Angelica Gutierrez
Student Conduct Intern - Hedrick Hall

Portrait of Anthony (Paul) Mendoza

Anthony (Paul) Mendoza
Program Coordinator - Dykstra Hall

Portrait of Ashley Pham

Ashley Pham
Project Coordinator

Portrait of Black Dynamite Harris

Black Dynamite Harris
Learning Center Manager

Portrait of Brian MacDonald

Brian MacDonald
Director, Residential Education

Portrait of Cab Washington

Cab Washington
Program Coordinator - Saxon Suites

Portrait of Carmen Garcia-Shushtari

Carmen Garcia-Shushtari
First Year Experience Coordinator

Portrait of Christine Coons

Christine Coons
Assistant Director

No portait of Christine Wilson available

Christine Wilson
Executive Director, Graduate Programs and First Year Experience

Portrait of Cristina Quezada

Cristina Quezada
Program Coordinator - De Neve EF

Portrait of Daisy Oliver

Daisy Oliver
Resident Coordinator - Graduate and Family Housing

Portrait of Dana Pysz

Dana Pysz
Assistant Director

Portrait of Danielle McClain

Danielle McClain
Project Coordinator

Portrait of Danny Slatkin

Danny Slatkin
Program Coordinator - De Neve CD

Portrait of Debra Sriberg

Debra Sriberg
Human Resources Senior Analyst, Supervisor

Portrait of Edgar Jimenez

Edgar Jimenez
Program Support Coordinator

No portait of Elizabeth Gong-Guy available

Elizabeth Gong-Guy
Executive Director, Campus & Student Resilience

Portrait of Eric Kang

Eric Kang
Program Coordinator - Rieber Vista

No portait of Eric Rollerson available

Eric Rollerson
Director, Residential Life Operations

Portrait of Eve Lahijani

Eve Lahijani
Nutrition Health Educator

Portrait of Hannah Doan

Hannah Doan
Project Coordinator

Portrait of Hector Solis-Ortiz

Hector Solis-Ortiz
Resident Coordinator - Hedrick Hall

Portrait of Idriss Njike

Idriss Njike
Assistant Director of Academics

Portrait of Ivy Hurwit

Ivy Hurwit
Arts Engagement Coordinator

Portrait of Jake Les

Jake Les
Admnistrative Specialist

Portrait of Janelle Nicole Rahyns

Janelle Nicole Rahyns
Graduate Student Researcher

Portrait of Javan Cross

Javan Cross
Resident Director - Canyon Point

Portrait of Jazmin "JD" Dantzler

Jazmin "JD" Dantzler
Project Coordinator

Portrait of Jean Quach

Jean Quach
Program Coordinator - Rieber Terrace

Portrait of Jen Shetland

Jen Shetland
Program Support Coordinator

Portrait of Jenny Byrd

Jenny Byrd
Assistant Director, Programming & Arts Engagement

Portrait of Jenny Mayeda

Jenny Mayeda

Portrait of Jermaine Ratliff

Jermaine Ratliff
Resident Director - Rieber Terrace

Portrait of Jess Evora

Jess Evora
Resident Director - Saxon Suites

Portrait of Jesse Herring

Jesse Herring
Publications and Design Coordinator

Portrait of JonJon Junpradub

JonJon Junpradub
Program Coordinator - Hedrick Summit

Portrait of Jordan Richman

Jordan Richman
Resident Director - Hitch Suites

Portrait of Josh OConnor

Josh OConnor
Assistant Director, Leadership and Involvement

Portrait of Karen Hedges

Karen Hedges
Associate Director, Leadership and Engagement

Portrait of Kevin Kawakami

Kevin Kawakami
Resident Coordinator - De Neve GH

Portrait of Kirk White

Kirk White
Assistant Director, Student Conduct and Community Standards

Portrait of L T Rease Miles

L T Rease Miles
Director, First Year Experience

Portrait of Laila Alchaar

Laila Alchaar
Resident Director - De Neve GH

Portrait of Linda Oglesby

Linda Oglesby
Central Office Coordinator

Portrait of Lori Vogelgesang

Lori Vogelgesang
Associate Director

Portrait of Martine Hall

Martine Hall
Assistant Director

Portrait of Matthew Delos Reyes

Matthew Delos Reyes
Resident Director - Courtside

Portrait of Matthew Geddert

Matthew Geddert
Web Developer

Portrait of Michael Brown

Michael Brown
Resident Technology Supervisor

Portrait of Michael Frelier

Michael Frelier
Program Coordinator - Canyon Point
Project Coordinator

Portrait of Michael Oshiro

Michael Oshiro
Graduate Student Researcher

Portrait of Michele Pino

Michele Pino
Resident Director - Dykstra Hall

Portrait of Michelle Le

Michelle Le
Resident Director - Sproul Cove and Landing

Portrait of Monica Hanna

Monica Hanna
Resident Coordinator - Rieber Hall

Portrait of Natasha Zubair

Natasha Zubair
Program Coordinator - De Neve AB

Portrait of Noah Kaloostian

Noah Kaloostian
Resident Director - Hedrick Summit

No portait of Omar Alvarado available

Omar Alvarado
Program Coordinator

Portrait of Otis Noble III

Otis Noble III
Assistant Director, Staffing, Training and Diversity

No portait of Precilla Samson available

Precilla Samson

Portrait of Remy Garcia

Remy Garcia
Human Resources Analyst

No portait of Reuben Hernandez available

Reuben Hernandez
Student Conduct Intern

Portrait of Rick Wan

Rick Wan
Resident Director - Hedrick Hall

Portrait of Rob Kadota

Rob Kadota
Assistant Director

Portrait of Roozbeh Kavian

Roozbeh Kavian
Sr. Systems Engineer

No portait of Rosemary Shulman available

Rosemary Shulman
Admnistrative Specialist

No portait of Sara Miller available

Sara Miller
Media Team Supervisor

Portrait of Sarah Molitoris

Sarah Molitoris
Program Coordinator - Hitch Suites

Portrait of Saryl Radwin

Saryl Radwin
Program and Event Specialist

Portrait of Seppy Seplow

Seppy Seplow
Faculty-In-Residence - Saxon Suites
Asst. Vice Chancellor, Student Development

Portrait of Shalaurey Jones

Shalaurey Jones
Resident Director - Sproul Hall

Portrait of Sharon Chia Claros

Sharon Chia Claros
Resident Director - De Neve AB
Resident Director - De Neve CD

Portrait of Stevie G. Greim

Stevie G. Greim
Managing Producer

Portrait of Susana Luis

Susana Luis
FYE Intern
Project Coordinator

Portrait of Symone Morales

Symone Morales
Leadership Intern

Portrait of TaMisha Greathouse

TaMisha Greathouse
Resident Director - Rieber Vista

Portrait of Terry Giang

Terry Giang
Admnistrative Specialist

Portrait of Vianey Ramirez

Vianey Ramirez
Program Coordinator - Courtside

Portrait of Vincent Mitchell

Vincent Mitchell
Principal Producer

Portrait of Yen Ling Shek

Yen Ling Shek
Assistant Director of Research

No portait of Zahabiyah Yamasaki available

Zahabiyah Yamasaki
CARE Coordinator

Portrait of Zan Tansey

Zan Tansey
Resident Director - Rieber Hall